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Every Thursday 15:30-16:45
For children aged 6-11
Dance instructor: Nicolette Chylińska
The first dance course for children in Bydgoszcz with with English-speaking instructor ❗

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Acrobatics for children and youths – Activities which shape a figure, grace and elegance of movement. They combine general physical exercises which purpose Is to rise physical fitness and overall coordination. They comprehensively develop endurance, agility and spatial orientation. Activities have positive impact on growth and development of various skills. They also help to build a stronger personality, responsibility and co working skills. Group of boys and girls, interested in physical activities with music and gymnastics will rise their physical fitness along with modeling esthetic of their movements, beautiful figure and sense of rhythm.

Jazz is a dance genre which combines elements of ballet, modern dance and acrobatics, so it doesn’t limit the imagination of pedagogue in any way. There are only two basics of Jazz. Rhythm and polycentrism. This is a difficult technique, demanding dancers to be strong and flexible. Jazz dance makes an impression to be „light and independent”. Same as contemporary dance or modern dance. But the truth is that this is one of the most difficult dance techniques and demands a lot of work from dancers.

Nicolette started dancing at the age of 6. At the time she was dancing in various school dance groups. Then at the age of 10 she begin to dance under wings of Mrs. Bogumiła Ćwieka – Borowiak. There she learned the contemporary dance technique. As the times pass she studied various styles like disco dance, jazz, modern jazz and others from well known dancers. During this years Nicolette often was on award-wining positions at nationwide and worldwide competitions. As for now she is caring her dancing career as an choreographer and dance teacher. The fifth year is passing as she is creating choreographies for soloists and groups. In 2011 she won a platinum award in United States of America for her choreography which was created for Agata Stachowiak – participant of „You Can Dace 8”. She is also a mother of two beautiful boys.